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Sommerkonkurranse, finale

Wow..I cant believe we`re at the finale now..and I`m still playing along in the CopicMarkerNorge-sommerkonkurranse:) I wanna thank you all for your nice comments, it means alot to me. I have to say that I was so happy when I saw my name at the list with the other finalist, and then I read the theme for the last round...totally open! First I panicked a little, and then it dawned on me, it`s the finale and I can do anything I want. I`ve had so much fun learning new techniques during this competition, but I`ve also been a bit stressed because I really wanted to play along. But now there is no more rounds, it`s at it`s end. So I felt truly content:) It doesnt matter anymore..so I could just relax and really have fun:)

And that`s what I`ve done..I`ve had fun:) Normally I can throw away my colorings because I`m not happy about it, but this time I didnt throw anything away, I just colored away, all in one go, and just enjoyed myself.

This is an idea that came to me earlier in this competition, it started out as a card, but it escalated somehow. This was the perfect moment to get started with it. It`s all thanks to this competition and the skills I`ve learned through the summer. I`ve used my blender, yellow, colored a background, masking and cutting out stamps, and the supercool airbrushing. I just love making my own patterned paper also. I`ve had heaps of fun this last round..so I want to thank you all so much at CMN for making this competition. And now for my project. I`m sorry but there will be lots of pictures and text:)

Here is my card, that grew into a carouselbook, my creative fairytale. It`s a gift for my two lovely girls:) The idea behind this book is to create our own fairytale based on the scene we`re looking at. The whole book will contain four scenes. I only had time to make two for this competition.

Frontpage. I think I`ve included most things girls like. Flower, pearls, glitter, butterflies, some swarovski bling, ribbons and all in bright cheery colors. The yellow backgroundpaper I made myself. I did the same as last round. First I embossed, this time with white UTEE, then airbrushed with two different yellows, used blender to remove color from embossing. At last I used some white dabber on the edges to soften them abit.  The text says "once upon a time" in norwegian, and it got some diamond stickles on. The pink circle is airbrushed with the circledie still on. The scallop behind + the butterflies also got airbrushed, but with three different colors, I really liked the result of that:)

The fairyscene. It doesnt show well on the picture but this is a 3d-scene with three layers. I`ll show more pictures of it later. Every girly fairytalebook needs a fairy. I`ve made it look as if you`re looking in on the fairy between some big old trees. The castle is colored quite dark, and also the clouds. Maybe it`s a happy fairy waiting for her fairyprince, or maybe there`s this evil witch in the castle. I`m looking forward to hearing what my girls say:)

Mermaids, every girl love them. My biggest girl came over to look when I was coloring(she`s just seen part of this, not the whole scene), and she was like: ooh this is so pretty, what colors are they gonna get? So I asked what she thought, and she said the seahorse should be pink. And so I made it pink:) All the shells and corals on the front layer got a thick layer of glossy accents, doesnt show that well in the picture.

Here you can see the book standing open. There is room for two more scenes and I already have some ideas for them. The front of the scene is 8" long x 5.5" high.

The back of the book is decorated with bright papers from Echo Park. I`ve made little pockets with tags in them. They are to be used to write down name of our characters, what the plot is and so on.

The tags, I made six, with three different designs. They are cut out with a Lifestyle Crafts die. I colored the stamps (Inkido-Stars+ Border, Stempelglede-Vintage Garden) with different copics, then sprayed blender on the tag, and stamped. The ribbon is also colored with copic.

The back of the book, I kept it quite simple. Paper from Echo Park. The letters are cut out with my cricut, and I colored them with copic in three different colors, and then I put lots of glossy accent on them to make them pop. The text says "the end" in norwegian.

And now if you like, even more pictures:) I took some before I put the scenes together. Every scene consist as said of three layers..here are the back and middlepart with some explanation to what I did.

Size: 5.5" x 11". This is two stamps, that after some editing, is merged together.

Size: 9" long. This is four stamps put together. This took some time cutting out! I used my scalpel to cut out every little thing on this scene. I added diamond stickles to her wings, and star dust stickles on her hands, and she`s blowing it on the mushrooms. They all got some white spots using copic opaque white. And if you look closely you can see I`ve used liquid pearls on the fairydress, hair and the flowers, buttercup and lavender lace.

Size: 5.5" x 11". I masked the castle and ship before I colored the background. The background is part airbrushed and part done by hand. I airbrushed some big blue streakes downwards, and some lighter blue. Then I went over by hand to make the streaks more pronounced. I used the blender to make bubbles in the water. The two red fish are lunar tails. I saw them when I was scubadiving in the red sea in Egypt. They were so lovely with their yellow fins and the rest all red. Couldnt resist putting them in:)

Size: 9" long. Also a lot of work cutting out with my scalpel. I just love the flowing hair of that mermaid. She`s also gotten some diamond stickles on her. The pearls in her shell I added after I took this picure. I`ve dotted some opaque white in the cheeks.

And at last..the cute little seahorse doing his dance for the mermaid:)

All the digistamps are from Make It Crafty. I`ve used open office and paint to merge and edit the stamps together. I also used my copic mulitliner to fill in some spots myself. It`s all printed on X-press it blending card. The size of the book is 5.5" x 5.5".

Name of stamps used:
Fairyscene: -enchanted castle -in the woods -big tree -fern log -forest flower -toadstool garden -Vixie
Mermaidscene: -coral border -shipwreck -mermaid castle -Siren of pearls -cute seahorse -underwater elements

These are the copics I`ve used:
Skin: E0000, 000, 00, 11, R20, BV00
Dress/hair: Y000, 11, 13, 21, 35 + blender.
Trees: E02, 25, 29, 30, 33, 35, 49, Black100, G20, YG61, 63, 67, 99
Rainbow: R35, 22, YR16, 12, Y35, 21, G24, 20, B24, 21, V28, 25, 22, V17, 15, 12
Sky: BG0000, 000 
Mushroom: R20, 22, 35, 37, 59
Grass: G40, 43, 46, 94, 99
Road: E41, 42, 43, 44
Flowers: B21, 24, 26, 37, V000, 09, 12, 15, 17
Castle: T1, 3, 6, 9, then I changed my mind and on top of that added: W0, 2, 4, 5, 7
Rock underneath castle: E70, 71, 74, 77, 79

Skin: E0000, 000, 00, 11, 13, BV00, R20
Hair: E25, 33, 37, 50, 51, 53
Mermaid: RV29, YR0000, 00, 12, 14, 18
Castle: E25, 35, 50, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, W2
Boat: E43, 44, 47, 49, T6, Black100
Sand: E40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 47
Ocean: B0000, 00, 02, BG000, 01, 02, 10, 13, 23, 70
Cute seahorse: RV13, 14, 29, 42, R00
Fish: R24, 39, 46, Y13 
Corals/algea/seaweed/shells: YG11, 13, 17, 61, 63, 67, 91, 93, 95, 97, 99, G20, 24, 28, 40, 46, BG34, BV00, RV13, 14, 42, R00, Y000, 11, 13, 35, 38, RV29, YR0000, 00, 12, 14, 18, E02, 30, 33, 35   

Tags: R46, 85, Y38, YG67
Letters on the back: YR16, RV13, Y35
Front of the book: R83, 85, YR00, 16, Y17, 13

I wish you all a very nice saturday evening. Big hugs to you all:)

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  1. Fy søren for en jobb du har hatt med dette!! Jeg sitter her og er nesten målløs, det er jo så utrolig nydelig at jeg ikke har ord!!! Herlige 3D-scener med fantastiske motiver som er fargelagt på en måte bare du klarer. Jeg er så imponert over den tålmodigheten du må ha hatt mens du har holdt på, både med skalpell og fargelegging. Og så utrolig genialt at du har tatt litt fra de andre oppgavene i konkurransen og innkorporert det i dette mesterverket av en kreasjon!!

    Ideen med karusellbok med selvkomponerte eventyr er jo så fantastisk at det er en fryd, jentene kommer til å storkose seg med fortellinger i lang tid, det er jeg sikker på!!

    Stooor klem fra Elin

  2. For ett herlig prosjekt du har laget! Lykke til i konkurransen:)

  3. WOW!! Virkelig helt fantstisk flott prosjekt dette her!!! Helt målløs!! lykke til i konkurransen!!!

  4. Snakker om å nesten ramle av stOlen jeg sitter på!!
    For et eventylig vakkert prosjekt :)
    Først av alt, Guri land så heldige jentene dine er! ♥
    Du har levert et mesterverk Yasmine både når det gjelder farger, fargelegging, teknikker og gjennomføring og jeg er så glad for å ha deg her i finalen .
    Gang på gang har du inspirert og imponert oss og jeg ønsker deg lykke til nå i finalen
    Tusen takk for alle vakre bidrag i vår sommerutfordring, det har vært en ære og ha deg her♥
    Masse klemmer fra Jill

  5. Fy søren for et nydelig bidrag!!!! Vinner du ikke med dette skjønner jeg ingenting!!!! Dette er det virkelig klasse over, Yasmine!

    Diger klæm fra Hege:)

  6. Rett og slett et enestående fantastisk prosjekt!!!
    Lykke til i finalen.
    Klemmer fra Marianne:)

  7. Å herlighet - dette var fantastisk! Ren kunst er det, og for en jobb du har lagt ned i prosjektet. Råflott fargelegging og så flotte scener :)
    Klem, Jorunn

  8. For et fantastisk prosjekt Yasmine, nydelig fargelegging selvfølgelig, men alt det andre da...! Du har virkelig brukt alt vi har lært og litt til - og resultatet ble imponerende!
    Lykke til!
    Klem fra Kjersti:)

  9. Om Jill ramlet av stolen, så har jeg store pusteproblemer her!!!! Dette er bare fantastisk vakkert - alt annet er allerede sagt! TUSEN TAKK for alle flotte bidrag og all inspirasjon du har gitt i sommerkonkurransen, og LYKKE TIL!!! Klemmer fra Siv

  10. Fantastisk prosjekt!!!!
    Øynene mine triller nesten ut! Du er virkelig noe for deg selv!
    Takk for inspirasjonen,
    og lykke til i finalen!
    Klem, Elizabeth

  11. Du kom sist med bidraget denne gangen, men himmel og hav du kom godt. Man kan gjerne miste både munn og mæle her ja. Vakkert er ordet og for en jobb. Jeg har virkelig dyp respekt for tålmodigheten din her. Og jentene dine er utrolig heldig, tenk å få dette kunstverket, for ja, det er akkurat det det er...
    Tusen takk for at du har stått løpet ut og levert det ene lekre bidraget etter det andre. Og for en inspirasjonskilde du har vært.
    Lykke til, og vi hos CMN er heldig som har fått lov å se hva du har kreert.
    Klem Gunn :))

  12. Så fantastisk flott dette var!! Jeg er stum av beundring over din fargelegging.. Det er så utrolig gjennomført og lekkert :-)

  13. Wow! Fantastisk flott!
    Stum av beundring!
    klem fra Gro